I’m Laura Jean Bell, a believer in the mercy and kindness of Jesus, hard work, and sharing my life with intention. If you want to make my day, just take me anywhere that I can get a Coke and french fries and I assure you we will be best friends. I married my high school sweetheart just days after we graduated from college.  Together, we have run a sidewalk coffee cart, renovated 3 homes (1 duplex and 1 triplex), and adventured through marriage like crazy people, with a little help from Papa John’s delivery pizza and endless episodes of The Office… and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can’t imagine a better life than the one we have been granted. One that has been filled with a thousand crazy stories to be told and to remember with a smile.  That’s why I’m here, to tell the stories that leave us all inspired, the ones that help us see a vision bigger than we expected, and remind you of the power of your own story and the grace that comes with writing it all down. 

Because the power of a story is that there’s a beginning and an end.