Mirrors and Door Handles

I looked down as I was getting ready for work the other day and I saw….




Door handles.

Something is to be said for a good door handle.

You don’t appreciate the little things until the little things are no longer there.

Door handles being one of them.

I finally went over to Hobby Lobby because everyone commented and suggested it and ended up finding great stuff!

Look at these pretty white handles that go perfectly with our little vanity!


We have a finished vanity, mirrors, and all thats left is some shelving for the blank wall.

Cody and I are headed to North Carolina this weekend and plan to make an IKEA pitstop along the way!

Can’t wait to share what we find!

Any tips on places other than IKEA to search?

OR any options in particular at IKEA that are the best!

Would love your input!