Day #12: A Little Help From Pinterest... And You.

I think some days I feel like I am Joanna Gaines stuck in LJ Bell’s body.

I see my husband tearing UP our duplex.

We closed on this place barely a week ago.

I tell Cody the things I want and he hasn’t stopped since.

day12 2.jpg

These pictures were take BEFORE the dumpster guy decided to drop off the dumpster.

Cody got himself a little excited and went crazy. seriously crazy.

But I love him for it.

He is already done busting up the pink and baby blue tile out of the bathroom.

day12 3.jpg

We still have to rip up linoleum out of the bathroom on side B.


out of the kitchen on side A.

It is a process that seems to be going by quickly as my husband is determined to knock out as much of this as he possibly can.

We are both crazy and a little EXTRA excited to get to have a place of our own again.

The process is fun.

The paint samples (all 13 samples I got. yes. 13.)

The tile picking.

The light fixtures.

The counter tops.

The cabinets.

How to live in a small space efficiently and effectively.

How to make that small space feel bigger and homey.

Pinterest is a dearest friend these days.

Bathroom Ideas: Remember, I am looking at paint + tile… not size! HA!

day12 5.jpg
day12 7.jpg
day12 8.jpg

This one by Summer Adams is on tip top of my list!

I have a million ideas for living space.

Hoping for light, airy walls.

and plants. loads of plants.

day12 10.jpg

Go follow A Rosy Note on Instagram for this sweet space.

I imagine a space with a lot of knit blankets and cups of coffee.

day12 11.jpg

I think that last girl speaks my love language with all those fully pillows and natural light, she’s just begging for a cup of coffee a really long day of sitting.

yes please.

I have a million thoughts, ideas, loveeeessss.

What do you think?

Do you have any inspiration you can share with me? I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned as we update this space!